A Piece of My Mind

A passion for writing. 

This is the driving force that has always urged me secretly, an ardent desire to share my thoughts to the world in general about anything under the sun, a burning flame to raze a path I could traverse on my own.

Ever since I was in elementary school and was able to create a two-liner poem, I felt I really got the talent for it.  In high school, I got to join writing contests and even won some.of it.  I went to places like Sta. Barbara, Iloilo. Tacloban, Leyte and even Baguio City as Regional and National Contestant for Feature Writing.  Wow!  I said to myself.  I have God-given talent.  This must not come to waste.  When I was in college, I get to fully appreciate the fact that God gave it to me to grab the opportunity to make use of my talent to continue my studies.  I was a Feature Writer on my first year and second year in college.  Won a place in the Editorial Writing Contest and was even able to go to Boracay as a member/writer of The Eagles during those years then became the Editor-in-Chief of a departmentalized school paper, El Commerciante, during my fourth year which gave me a full scholarship to finish my studies as a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree-holder.

After college, finding a job, getting married and having a family made life busy.  My aspiration to create a Masterpiece got swept under the rug.  Immersed in the day-to-day struggle of making ends meet, thoughts of writing totally fled out of my mind.

Years later, my eldest daughter told me about Wattpad.  I joined the site on August 2013, published two completed stories in Tagalog and have three on-going stories, two of which are written in English.

I could say it is the ultimate answer to my deepest wish but it is not going as well as I expected.  I get mental-blocked, or I’m just too tired to think what to write next, or I’m just plain lazy.  Well, I could line up a list of reasons but won’t it come down to just plain alibis?

Then, I began to follow some interesting blog writers in LinkedIn.com, particularly Anders Liu-Lindberg, who somewhat with his articles made me feel like I wish to become a blog writer myself. 

Also in LinkedIn, I met a self-published author, Joseph Rogers, who kindly told me about WordPress. 

To make the story short, I am here now at WordPress after so much twists and turns and hopefully pave my own way here, create pieces of work people can relate to, works of art that came from “a piece of my mind.” 


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