Tips for an Organized Day

It’s a hectic world we live in, don’t you think?  Having to juggle time between work, family and our passion (for me, it is writing) is quite a feat, that being able to make this post on schedule is already such an achievement.  Don’t you feel like there is no enough time for us to do everything we meant or wanted to do?

Don’t you wish and pray each morning that your day will go smoothly?  As a parent, don’t you always reprimand your children for being disorganized?  As a common citizen, don’t you wish there is order in how the government does things?  

In short, we always wish that everything should be in order and organized.  Even if we cannot make the world agree and follow our wishes, should we not at least take charge of our own lives?

Here are tips for a more organized day:

1.  Pray.

      Before we start with anything in mind, we should first seek silence in our mind and talk with God, asking for His wisdom, blessing and guidance in everything we plan to do.  We should pray before planning, before the execution of the plan and after everything has been done at the end of the day.

2.  Create a list.

      On the night before, make a list of what you plan to do the following day, either in your mind or (if you have a tendency to forget what you have resolved in your mind),  a reminder in your cellphone or on a notebook.

3.  Adhere to the list.

      That list may not be all perfect but you should try to adhere to it as much as possible.  No good planning ever succeeds without concerted effort being put into it. There must be conviction and adherence to the plans and rules we have set up for everything to go as smoothly as we wish it to be.

4.  Be prepared for any contingencies.

      No matter how much we plan though, there are times that some things go haywire.  Do not panic! Calm yourself!  Try to settle such contingencies as fast as possible so it won’t displace so much of what you already planned for the day.  If it is something that would take so much of your precious time, then if possible, place it among your priorities the following day when you create another list at the end of the day.

5.  Be positive.

      No matter whatever events that may happen during the day that may disrupt our carefully planned schedule, just always look at the bright side of things.  As long as we know how to handle ourselves in the face of adversity, nothing is insurmountable.  Think positively.  Act positively.

All of these tips come down to a firm hold of our own senses, a firm belief that giving our mind and heart to a task we set for ourselves will bring the expected result, as well as a confirmation of our faith not only in ourselves but also in the divine guidance of someone above us.

May these tips help you, my dear readers, in finding your own set of rules to follow to make your day more organized.  Have smooth-sailing days from now on, everyone!!!  See you again next week on my next post.

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