Everything Happens for a Reason 

Have you ever wondered why things that we deemed bizarre or seemed impossible to happen, happen?   For example, that news of a piglet born with the face of a monkey in China.(https://www.google.com.ph/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/2356772/bizarre-piglet-with-the-face-of-a-monkey-born-in-china-but-family-decide-to-raise-it-like-a-baby/amp/). 
Or have you ever asked yourself why God allows war, famine, grief, or corruption to exist?

It is said that everything in this world has a reason for its being.  Be it something that makes us laugh or cry, flare up or calm down, amazed or horrified.  

So, let us ponder for a while what some of these things that could have an impact on our lives or what purpose they may serve. 

1.  Life hurdles.

      “Life’s hurdles are so much like a hurdle race.”  Well, that quote sums it up.  If one has to see the end of that race, one has to jump over each hurdle placed on the path to the finish line with lithe and grace within the time set or ahead of it to become the winner.  

      To face life’s hurdles, each trials thrown our way must be overcome with a positive attitude and rosy outlook in life.  Each hurdle will be more difficult as before.   Each jump will be as painful as the next, or even more.  

       Remember:  life’s hurdles are there to be tackled or jumped over, not evaded, for through each painful experience, we learn and become a much better person.  

2.  Standing up.


      Isn’t that always equivalent to getting anyone to turn their eyes on you, or get them to stand up and become alert?   

      Just like getting someone aware of what you wish to say, it also pays to get yourself always in attention and ready to face whatever life brings your way.  No one really cares enough to push anyone at anything.  Or if there are, there can only be a few of them and an encounter with them in your lifetime is but a few.  So to reach one’s destination, one must first take a stand and go for it.

3.  First step.

      No adventure is taken.  No task is accomplished.  No goal is reached.  No one ever succeeds. That is, without taking that first courageous step to achieve something.  

      If life is like a hurdle race, taking that first step is the bravest thing one can make to start up the game. Just like a baby when it first let go of the hands guiding it, it may wobble and feel uncertain, but as it gain confidence being able to stand up on its own feet, taking the first step must be quite an achievement.

      Life is a never-ending learning process.  So if life is, let’s say, like learning swimming, one must take that jump on the cold water first.  So take that plunge!

4.  Finish line.

      Goal.  Dream.  Success.  Whatever you want to call it.  

      One never steps on a starting line unless one meant to finish it, or do you?   

      As we walk on this journey we call life, we set for ourselves goals after goals.  As we grow older, our goals become bigger and harder to achieve.  We try to test ourselves how deeper we can go or how higher we can reach.  

      Some people become more aggressive, more ambitious, greedier.  Some have to fight their way through just to survive, while some just breeze through it without breaking sweat.  But, by whatever means, each of us will strive towards reaching that finish line we set out ahead for ourselves.

5.  Pain.

      Going through life, weaving our way through it, facing one trial after another, pain is but a part and parcel of our lives.

       People, though, have a tendency to ignore discomfort and pain until it becomes unbearable.  Are they just masochistic enough to bear pain until they cannot take any more?

      It’s just that people seemed to forget or chose not to acknowledge the fact that if there is pain, there can be an underlying cause for it.  Oftentimes, to only find out later, that is, very, very much later, that they are already suffering from a very serious problem.  

      Remember, pain is our own body’s alarm system, a warning signal, that something is amiss, that our body needs attention or that we just need plain rest for over-extending ourselves.

I can go on and on about many other things that we either ignore or take for granted, yet, all these are but examples of things in our lives that have their purposes which comprise the entire cycle of our existence.  

The mere fact we are alive right at this moment has a purpose.  So, what do you think is the purpose of your own existence?


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