How Loved Are You?

“A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are LOVED BY OTHERS.” – Frank Morgan

On this week’s flag ceremony, I am tasked to expound on this quote which was also in line with the celebration of Valentine’s Day this Tuesday.

So hitting two birds with one stone, I will ponder on this thought today and post my speech here in time for my Sunday schedule and share it on other media tomorrow after I already delivered the speech.  Don’t you think that’s a brilliant idea?

Anyway, as I sat here thinking about the topic more thoroughly, I asked myself. In the last twenty years of my life in government service, what have I done that other people will remember me by?  That is, if God suddenly takes me away (God forbid), will they think of me with sadness or  with fondness? (Hibian man ko bala nila?)  Or will they be happy and think ill of me? (Ayhan mahambal sila:  “Hmp!  Dayaw man ko na sa iya sa kalain batasan!”)  Or will they not think of me at all, as if I was neither worth remembering nor existing at all?  (Wala lang!  Deadma lang!)

It is said that it is by our deeds that we are measured in the eyes of others.  Our every action, our every word, reflects our inner self.

Will you choose to be remembered as the beast or as the beauty (Diin pilion mo, hambalan ka:  “law-ay na lain pa batasan, ukon hambalan ka: ” kaayo gid bala na nga tawo”)?  Or to be thought of as the villain or as the hero (Ang madumduman nga manugpatay ka iya kaupdanan ukon ang manugdampig)?  Or to become a politician with the heart to plunder and gain only personal wealth or as a leader with the heart for the people (Ang mangin isa ka politiko nga ang tinutuyo mangurakot lang sa gobyerno o mangin isa ka lider nga may tagipusuon para sa iya mga tawo)?

The choice is upon us.  Whatever we choose to be is what we are going to be.  And what we are going to do for people to see is what they will remember us to be.  (Kun ano ang ginapakita ta sa mga tawo nga mga hilimuon, amo man na ang ila madumduman sa aton.)

Have you tried gauging other people’s reaction?  You might be surprised of your own reflection.  Plant dissension, envy and anger in others and you will incite war.  But try to spread love, and you will beget love.  Be a heart that is loved more by others than a heart withered by selfishness and bad manners.

Remember:  “What you sow is what you reap!”

So, on this coming Valentine’s Day, the day is not just for loving couples, but for everyone with the heart to spread love.

So, let us spread love, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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