Painful Love (Poetry)

  • Love, they say, can move a mountain
  • But love can also cause great pain
  • Yet love is also a healer
  • So love again a lot better.
  • “Love is a many-splendored things”
  • And men should be loving beings
  • But why are there many women
  • Who just get bullied by their men?
  • We ask, how could they let it be?
  • In the name of fidelity?
  • Or would you say for martyrdom
  • That they would forsake their freedom?
  • We’d never ever understand
  • What pain these women withstand
  • We could maybe smirk, huff and scoff
  • We forgot they had it so tough.
  • But, hey, what can we really do
  • If they cannot help themselves too?
  • It’s hard to become a mother
  • Alone, with kids to think over.
  • Painful love, how cruel are you
  • Trapping women, their children too?
  • In a life full of misery,
  • When will you ever set them free?

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