Dust on a Dry Summer

As I sit here moping, I ask myself how could this be?
My mind’s a mess but I’m the image of serenity

To passing onlookers, how calm and composed I must be

Deep inside,  I’m so torn up it’s nothing but tragedy.

From North to South, from East to West, they all ganged up on me

Trials, hardships, difficulties, they’re all my enemy

They can be so mean, they can be troublesome, they’re so nasty

I look around, no one’s there, I look up, “God, please help me”.

There’s nowhere else I can turn on to, but Lord, only You

Can give me the answer I need, the one I can cling to 

When everything around me seemed to be in great despair

When all my hope have shattered and no one else seemed to care.

Dear Father, upon your hands, I completely surrender

Everything in me, my whole life, anything I hold dear

To guide me, to enlighten me, for You to take over

For without You, I’m nothing but dust on a dry summer.


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