Beware of…the Witch

My Dear Readers, have you enjoyed the topics I’ve discussed about conflict so far?  In the conflicts that you had been in, were you the angel or the devil? (

You aren’t the root cause of conflict, I hope! (

This Sunday I am supposed to discuss how to deal with conflict, but I realized that I have not discussed in detail the personalities as a personal factor that can cause conflict.

Do you know that there are ten (10) types of conflict-causing personalities? 

You must have never thought of labelling the type of personality that someone you had in conflict with before, right?  She is either just a witch or a mere nuisance. 

So, let us find out what are these ten types of personalities.

  1. The Aggressor (Ang Pala-away)– that type of person who is a verbal bully and who is likely to shout, thump the table, or point the finger in order to emphasize his point.  He or She cause unhappiness and friction within the group. 
  2. The Passive Aggressor (Ang Traidor) – the person who manages to block progress at every turn.  He or she never volunteers to do anything, never puts forward any ideas or suggestions of his or her own, and never works as hard as he or she is capable of doing. Edit
  3. The Chronic Absentee (Ang Pala-absent) – this person makes repeated absences from work. 
  4. The person who makes too many errors (Ang Palpak). 
  5. The Negative Person (Ang Nega)– this person is always critical of other people and their achievements.  A variation of the negative person is the one who foresees failure in every suggestion. 
  6. The Chatterbox (Ang Chismosa) – this person is one who often comes into a workplace, full of gossip or inconsequential news, and distract or disrupt workers from their production activities. 
  7. The Do-Nothing Person (Ang Tamad) – this person does not want to do anything because he or she is scared of making a mistake.  This forces others to do what he or she is supposed to do. 
  8. The Unreliable Person (Jack-of-all-Trade) – this person wants to be liked by others and because of this, he or she agrees to do what everyone asks.  Because he or she gets overloaded with work, he or she ends up unable to do most of the tasks he or she sets himself or herself to do. 
  9. The Time-waster (Ang Pawala) – the person who thinks company time can be spent for his own personal benefit like using it for personal telephone calls, preparing a shopping list, or playing computer games. 
  10. The Resentful Person (Laging Galit) – this is the person who always feel resentment.  What he does negatively affect others. His feeling of resentment is a result of any or all of the following:
  • Personal dislike of a certain person 
  • Bigotry (prejudice against a particular race or culture) 
  • Prejudice against women 
  • Prejudice against younger people 

    So, can you now identify what is the type of personality that someone you had in conflict with has?  Are you sure you don’t have one of the personalities enumerated herein? I hope you are not one of those people who gets being whispered behind their backs as…



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