What Will You Choose:  Resolution or Suppression?

Wow, thanks to a genius like Roberto G. Medina, Doctor of Philosophy, who wrote a book entitled Human Behavior in Organization, my discussion about Conflict is about to be finished.  He, surely, is the best!

Thanks also to my ever supportive and appreciative followers and co-bloggers, I had fun sharing with you the knowledge imparted by Dr. Medina.

So to wrap this up, let me discuss with you Conflict Resolution and Conflict Suppression. 

Conflict Resolution occurs when the reasons for the conflict are eliminated.

  1. Problem Solving – this is a face-to-face meeting of the parties in conflict to identify and resolve the problem through an open discussion. 
  2. Superordinate Goals – the parties in conflict must cooperate to attain a shared goal.      
  3. Expansion of Resources – when scarcity of resources is the cause of conflict, their expansion could avert the conflict.
  4. Smoothing – playing down of differences while emphasizing common interests between the parties in conflict. 
  5. Compromise – the technique wherein each party to the conflict gives up something of value. 
  6. Altering the structural variables – involves changing the formal organizational structure and the interaction patterns of conflicting parties through job redesign, transfer, creation of coordinating positions and the like. 

In contrast with conflict resolution, conflict suppression happens when no change in antecedent conditions is made and the manifest conflict behaviors are controlled.

There are two forms of suppressing conflicts:

  1. Avoidance – it consists of (a) pretending to be unaware that conflict exists; and (b) refusal to deal with conflict by stalling and repeatedly postponing action. 
  2. Authoritative Command – this happens when management uses its formal authority to resolve the conflict and then communicates its desires to the parties involved.  

Now you know the difference between resolution and suppression.  So, to resolve conflicts, which of them do you think is the best way?

What will you choose:  resolution or suppression?


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