A Mother’s Lament (Poetry)

When she was born, what I felt was mixed emotions

Will she be able to fulfill expectations?

Is she the fulfillment of my aspirations?

Or will she be the cause of all my frustrations?

As she was growing up, at times I ask myself

What’s gone wrong?  I can blame no one but my own self

I believe I have done my best, my very best

But why do I feel I somewhat have failed the test?

She does well in school if she puts her mind to it

I gave her freedom, I trusted her, I admit

I gave all I can, no matter how hard, I tried

It is so sad, that despite it all, I still failed.

Even though that is the case, motherhood never stops

I will still do everything I can do for her

No matter how many times, how often, she flops

No matter what happens, she is still my daughter.


4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Lament (Poetry)

  1. Beautiful Mae. There is never a failure when loving unconditionally. The best we can do is to allow them to make choices. The choices that they make are their choices, the consequences of those choices maybe unpleasant for both of you. However your love will never stop.

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