God Save the Philippines (Poetry)

When peace and lives of our brethren,
With war and unrest is threatened.

What can we ever do to help,

When they themselves can only yelp?

When the guns just kept on firing

Their limbs trembled while in hiding.

If only someone would save them

Before they expire with a scream.

Lord, why is this war happening?

Is the world near to its ending?

Are the people so full of sins?

But, God, please save the Philippines!


3 thoughts on “God Save the Philippines (Poetry)

  1. Beautiful Mae. Neil Diamond had a song title “I am I said”, one verse was ” except for the name and a few other changes my story is the same one”. There are many countries needing saving. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you, Mr. Mel. Indeed lots of countries suffer from unrest, rebellion and terrorism nowadays, but what makes it more real than news about other countries is when it’s happening in your own country and there is threat of it coming to your own backyard.

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