My Kind of Hero

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, especially to all my friends and love ones who deserve to be called a father!

Since this is an event celebrated all over the world, several posts will probably run along the same thoughts as mine.  So how do I make this post different and engaging I wonder?

But then, I thought, to whom is this post meant to be?  Am I not writing this because I want this to be a gift to a very special man?  And so, on this line of thought, let me introduce to you, My Dear Readers, a man I never thought I would have the luck to know, a man I call “my kind of hero”.

In my previous posts, I told about how I met him and many other things, but I wouldn’t  get tired of telling them over and over again.

So, I met this most wonderful man over twenty years ago when I was fresh out of college and started working in our local government unit in 1996.  We were celebrating the Civil Service Anniversary that month.  There are many other events in the city that followed thereafter that somewhat made our paths cross each other over and over again that on one of those days it suddenly struck me like a lightning out of nowhere and I said to myself, “it’s him!”  I knew right then and there that he is going to play an important role in my life, that he is going to be God’s answer to my prayers.

More than a year later, he indeed made a great change to my life by irrevocably becoming a part of it. 

Over the years, despite all the difficulties and problems we both had to face, with his wacky sense of humor, easy manners and selfless love for our family, he carved his way deep into the heart of each member of our family, from my mother, to my sister and her children, to my brothers and their family, to me and our children.  I could not have asked God for a much better partner in life, a more responsible father for my children, a well-liked son-in-law for my mother, my kind of hero, my husband.


2 thoughts on “My Kind of Hero

  1. Beautiful tribute to you husband, both of you are fortunate to have discovered each other. May you happiness continue to build and be shared with the entire family. Thank you for sharing Mae.

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