Not Alone After All (Poetry)

Is it merely coincidence or is it my fate

That I have been struggling very hard as of late?

But I do not think I am suffering alone

From such a harsh life that I seemed to have been born.

All around me, people sigh and can’t help but groan
At how diff’cult life was for everyone, they moan

Listening to them complain and talk about it

Somewhat pacifies me and comforts me a bit

For then I felt God has not forsaken me yet

And the thought bolstered my once discouraged spirit.


4 thoughts on “Not Alone After All (Poetry)

    1. Indeed, Mr. Mel. It’s a little comfort at least but it doesn’t erase the harsh reality many of us here had to face every day. I can only ease a bit of the frustrations I felt as I acknowledge it through my writing coz I feel that if I just let it buried within the confines of my thoughts I will lose rationality. The burden is just too much to bear.

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