I Can Hear… (Poetry)

I can hear the whisper of the wind as it whipped by me

It felt like an angel’s kiss, wishing me good luck today

I can hear it whistle as it passed by a sturdy tree

Reminding me to be as strong as I faced each new day.

I can hear the birds singing  as it hopped from tree to tree

They sing songs of lullabies and of endless love so true

They sing songs of hope for a desolate person like me

These songs somewhat took me out of the depths of feeling blue.

I can finally hear the peaceful beating of my heart

Til when will I enjoy this calmness is yet to be seen

I pray that something good in my life will finally start

That will take away or, at least, ease my loads of burden.


Day of Protest (Poetry)

Today marks a historical day

That we’ll never forget any way

Because it has become part of past

From which learning lessons is a must.

Today, in commemoration

Of history of our nation,

A Day of Protest was declared

That all grievances may be aired.

If only my own cries can be heard 

If making protests won’t be so weird

Is there really someone who cares

For the people who live like paupers?

Not Alone After All (Poetry)

Is it merely coincidence or is it my fate

That I have been struggling very hard as of late?

But I do not think I am suffering alone

From such a harsh life that I seemed to have been born.

All around me, people sigh and can’t help but groan
At how diff’cult life was for everyone, they moan

Listening to them complain and talk about it

Somewhat pacifies me and comforts me a bit

For then I felt God has not forsaken me yet

And the thought bolstered my once discouraged spirit.