Selfish Pleasure (Poetry)

I am in pain
       But I have to swallow my scream

I want to scream

       But I know it will be in vain

Either you can’t hear

        Or you just don’t want to listen

What seems most dear

        Is the sole pleasure you gain.


Saying Goodbye (Poetry)

Saying goodbye, I found, is never that easy

When the heart’s in pain, aching so pretty badly

The mem’ries we had together kept coming back

Not all of them can make me cry if I’m in luck.

The times we had together, I took for granted.

The love he gave me though I never demanded

He selflessly gave it, I just realized it

For now, he is gone, and regrets came just too late.

Painful Love (Poetry)

  • Love, they say, can move a mountain
  • But love can also cause great pain
  • Yet love is also a healer
  • So love again a lot better.
  • “Love is a many-splendored things”
  • And men should be loving beings
  • But why are there many women
  • Who just get bullied by their men?
  • We ask, how could they let it be?
  • In the name of fidelity?
  • Or would you say for martyrdom
  • That they would forsake their freedom?
  • We’d never ever understand
  • What pain these women withstand
  • We could maybe smirk, huff and scoff
  • We forgot they had it so tough.
  • But, hey, what can we really do
  • If they cannot help themselves too?
  • It’s hard to become a mother
  • Alone, with kids to think over.
  • Painful love, how cruel are you
  • Trapping women, their children too?
  • In a life full of misery,
  • When will you ever set them free?