What To Do When Life  Is Getting Too Difficult

A happy Monday, everyone! 

Since I am running a bit late with my posting again let me just share with you some personal tips that maybe are not new to you anymore or things you already practice yourselves.

At present times, when almost anywhere, economic depression is occurring, not everyone has jobs that can provide their everything, not everyone is experiencing financial freedom, everyone is stressed by one thinf or another. In other words when the going is just too tough, and running out of it is not an option, what do we do?  

Physically running out pf situations may not be possible, but mentally and emotionally separating one’s self from harsh reality for a little bit, to rid of too much pressure, to avoid going into depression is entirely possible.

I am not into astral projection, although if others have ways to do that, maybe you can share me the trick?  Anyway, when I say emotional and mental separation, it is a state where one tries to project your senses away from the things or thoughts that bother you too much they give you nightmares even though you are wide awake . (Did you experience shuddering while thinking what happens if your worst fears come to life?)

So, here are some of the best ways I have discovered so far (mind you, the tips are just some ways for you ro cope with the stress building up, it does not make the problems go away, but maybe will give you a breather and a chance to think with a much clearer mind):

1. Indulge in creative activities

  •      Find out where your creative talent lies. It could be in writing (that is why I have created this blog). It could be in dancing (create your own dance moves that can shake this world up down to their toes). It can be in creating videos (may it be funny, full of drama, or a song). 
  • Get some sewing done and create your own DIY projects (I made a wallet for myself. Sewed it for two weeks)

2.  Movie/drama binge-watching

      I can watch an entire 20-episode of Korean Drama in one day. The life stories unfolding on a screen can make me forget my own life stories and even at times garner new ideas or philosophies from them.

3.  Reading books/ stories

      I thank Wattpad and WordPress for this. These two sites are my gateways to a world different from mine.

4. Appreciate nature

     Take a walk. Observe your surroundings. Appreciate the weather, the wind, the trees, the birds, any little things that you never take notice of before.

5. Get into contemplative exercise

     Yoga is one such exercise. One of such like exercise I had once taught us about self-communion. In a retreat, we once taught how to commune with the Holy Spirit. We were told to go to a place by ourselves and try to relax pur mind, closing off any distracting sound or movement and ask for the Holy Spirit to come. I tell you, it’s quite effective.

     Another experience was back in Grade Four where a teacher taught us how to relieve stress by concentrating and imagining oneself in a serene place surrounded by nature.

I hope these tips help you fight your own way through the maze of your own life. Feel free to find other ways to do so as long as it keeps from doing any dangerous stuffs.  

Have a great week, everyone!!!




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