To My Beloved Daughter

(Sorry for the delay in the publication. This should have been posted on Wednesday. Having problems with internet connection. Huhuhu!!! Belated Happy Birthday, Nak!)

Into this harsh world I brought you
With a hope of a bright future

Between me and my love so true

And the children we’ll have for sure.

You knew how hard we toiled and tried

All throughout the years of your life

But no matter how much we strived

We cannot escape lots of strife.

It sometimes feels like we have failed

In our endeavors, promises

But we hope you do understand

And work hard for your own success.

To you, my daughter, all my love

And all the best wishes I give

May God bless you and keep you safe

Success be yours through all the years!

Laughter (Poetry)

Why do you evade me lately,

A glimpse of it is quite costly?

Even a shadow of a smile

Is nary from here to a mile.

Why is it so hard to keep you,

Though I yearn it, I feel so blue?

Every time I feel I had it

It will disappear like a mist.

Will there come a good time again

For reason to let it happen?

When can I have a real good laugh

‘Stead of worrying about stuff?

Oh, God, take me out of this gloom

Let laughter in my life blossom

Like a flower that sadly died

From its forlorn state be revived.


Sink Hole (Poetry)

You have me held so tight within your grip

No matter how hard I struggled to breathe,

To be freed, instead I start to sink deep

In my frustration and despair, I seethe.

‘Til when are you goin’ to imprison me,

Strangle me with doubts and so much worry?

‘Til when will I, from this hell, be set free?

I fear there’s no end yet for this story.

One Wish (Poetry)

I will be happy if

      my children will succeed

            in all they wish to be.

I will be happy if

      my husband stays as sweet

            as he now seemed to be.

I will be happy if

      my sweet mom stays as strong

            as she can ever be.

I will be happy if

      our family can survive

             the worries of each day.

So if I can only

      make just one wish, I’d wish

            simply for  happiness.


Hold On To That Dream (Poetry)

“Education”, they say,
   “is a never-ending process”

It’s a wealth if I may

   wish I can earn with great success

I thank the Lord each day

   for with a scholarship He bless

In answer as I pray

   For a chance to a life of bliss.

Nothing’s impossible

   For one with determination

All plans are doable

    For one with passion and vision

Things maybe hard, you deem

    But, dear, you should never quit

So hold on to that dream

      It’s not too late to achieve it!