God Save the Philippines (Poetry)

When peace and lives of our brethren,
With war and unrest is threatened.

What can we ever do to help,

When they themselves can only yelp?

When the guns just kept on firing

Their limbs trembled while in hiding.

If only someone would save them

Before they expire with a scream.

Lord, why is this war happening?

Is the world near to its ending?

Are the people so full of sins?

But, God, please save the Philippines!

Foolish Me (Poetry)

  • How good the Father is to a sinner like me
  • He keeps me from doing any iniquity 
  • He keeps me safe, secure, away from any harm
  • If only I will believe and keep myself calm.
  • My greatest problem, though, is with this foolish heart
  • Which with fears, worries, doubts is never seemed apart
  • Despite knowing, deep in my heart, my faith is great
  • Yet I always tend to fall in such a sad state.
  • Oh, my dear Father, please keep your patience with me
  • Please get rid of this petty insecurity
  • From my own weaknesses, please save me, have mercy
  • For without you, I’m nothing, that’s a certainty.

Appeals of the Heart (Poetry)

  • When I woke up today, can’t help to ask myself 
  • how to start this day, when confidence in one’s self 
  • is waning, fear in my body begins to creep 
  • that the thought of just stepping off bed makes me weep.
  • And so I closed my eyes, to the Lord God I pray,
  • Father, hold me by my hand, by my side, please stay.
  • Today’s trials, challenges, all other ordeals,
  • Help me survive, overcome them, my heart appeals.
  • And so I face the day with spirit of calmness
  • Despite all difficulties, my mind is at peace.
  • For God will not forsake me, He will be with me,
  • My refuge, I believe with all sincerity.

Lord, Lift Me Up (Poetry)

  • There are times as we walk along the path of life,
  • That we face too many adversity and strife.
  • We don’t know, oh no, how much more we can go on
  • To remain calm, humble, hopeful, faithful and strong.
  • So I strive hard to seek some semblance of calmness
  • In a world that has turned into such a chaos.
  • I’m starting to feel cornered, I beseech numbness
  • To envelope me, to avoid pain I suppose.
  • Lord, lift me up, from this serious state I am in.
  • Let me feel the wonder of this life you’ve given.
  • To the silent prayers of my heart, please listen
  • That this bruised heart may not feel heavily laden.